Glod is part of the Titus Trust, a non-denominational Christian charity. The Titus Trust provides Christian opportunites for pupils attending independent schools in England and Wales. It divides its work into four groups – Gloddaeth Holidays, Iwerne & Forres Holidays, Lymington Rushmore Holidays and LDN Holidays. Gloddaeth Holidays serves independent schools in the North and Midlands.

Part of the experience of coming to Glod is having the chance to explore what you think about the Christian faith and its relevance for today. Each day, there are short talks about Jesus and his teaching from the Bible. Everyone attends these meetings, which are informal, engaging and assume no prior knowledge. Pupils are also given the opportunity in their dorm groups to find out more about the Christian faith, ask questions, share their own views and discuss what they have learned.

We hope to encourage a warm atmosphere, in which every individual has the freedom to question and investigate for themselves. While all the leaders at Glod are committed Christians, we recognise that pupils come from a range of different backgrounds and faiths, and some from no faith background. All are welcomed and respected. 

Please get in touch if you want to know more about this aspect of the holiday.

The Titus Trust continues to enjoy good links with Scripture Union and with a number of Venture Holidays.

The Titus Trust is registered charity no. 1066751. See the Trust's own website for further details.